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take me away with you.

I still love you

you’ve hurt me so much over the past few months since we broke up. you’ve probably hurt me more than you did while we dated for over than a year. at times I feel no one can see it from my pint of view. people think you were great to me and just so wonderful. but in reality you kept me in a box just for you. it makes me sick to think I still miss you. yes I said it I still miss you. im not sure if I will ever get over you or over all the pain you caused me. its unreal that I have no more tears to cry for you and that you are gone. if I noticed anything from when we broke up is that you are crashing down into bad habits. I didn’t realize at then time how good I was for you and that I kept you grounded. you never drank when went out you took care of me instead. now you drink everyday. you never smoked as often as you do now. you were always on a schedule eating right and going to the gym. I miss the old you. I miss us. but you destroyed me. I wont look pathetic going back to the person who could spread rumors, try to steal things and make my life hell for a while month and more. I gave you everything I had and it was not good enough you kept trying t take more and more. all I can do is hope for the best for you and that I find someone who can fill me up inside and be there for me like you were. of course we had good times so time wasn’t wasted. I loved you with everything in me and you knew that. you know I see and hear about the girls you fuck with and that hurts because you do more with them then you ever did with me. I miss the constant texting and knowing someone loves me and cant wait to see me¬†everyday. now you cant even look at me. if you wouldn’t have done the things you did we would have been back together and we both know that. you would rather be a stranger than ever talk to me…I still love you.


"Free From You"

Happy Birthday, Charles Bukowski!

I always said to him, “I will love you, and I will be there for you, through anything,” and I meant it.
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